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Lavishly Sensual



Imagine yourself sitting at the bar in the hotel that you’ve just checked-in. It’s not a busy day, just a few people lingering on the black bar chairs and talking to the barkeeper about stock markets, politics and their long hours at the office. But you won’t be part of this adorable group of people today because you — you are going to order probably the best drink of your life! The barkeeper brings you the secret menu, the one that everyone in town was talking about. You get excited and instantly feel how your body temperature is going up while you take a glance at the deliciousness that is portrayed in front of you. It’s your turn to choose: will it be a light, cold entree like the Kir Royale, a deep full-bodied red wine or a classic dry Martini? (Stirred, not shaken of course!) You place your order and wonder a bit about yourself: are you ready to experience new tastes than the usual pint in the evening?

Give yourself the escape you deserve...

Visit me in Slovakia – Bratislava for anoutcall meeting. The perfect opportunity to meet me without the hassle of booking a hotel or apartment. To make the most of our meetings, I only offer dates that are 2 hours or longer.

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Spend an evening with me, and you’ll understand why so many gentlemen continue to request my company.

Just fill out my online contact form and book a date with an independent, luxury travel escort in Slovakia who will give you an experience you won’t forget.

Introductory Flirtations

Let’s take our time getting to know each other. An unhurried, stolen moment in the day, just for us.


The Perfect First Date

up to 4 hours with minimum 2h for lunch/dinner at a restaurant


A Special Night/Day Out

Evening: perfect for tasting menus/longer dinners and/or for gentlemen who want to hit a nice bar after dinner and don’t want to feel rushed

Day: let’s book a spa day to unwind or play tennis or golf, or how about a shopping day or maybe an art exhibition?

or elsewhere in Slovakia


I may be a stranger to you now, I am destined soon to become your favorite girl…

Give yourself the escape you deserve...


The Finer Details

“I have grown to love secrecy. It seems to be the one thing that can make modern life mysterious or marvelous to us. The commonest thing is delightful if only one hides it.”

― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray




A stolen moment together; a lingerie-wrapped gift


Double your pleasure, double your fun and time for a glass of wine or a game of cards?


A stolen moment together; a lingerie-wrapped gift


Double your pleasure, double your fun and time for a glass of wine or a game of cards?

Jack daniels

A stolen moment together; a lingerie-wrapped gift

claude chatelier

Double your pleasure, double your fun and time for a glass of wine or a game of cards?

Rémy martin

A stolen moment together; a lingerie-wrapped gift

Romance in Vienna city Into The Night

Please note that all shorter dates ending after 10pm will incur an additional fee 120€ as I am beholden to train schedules and will need to cover accommodation in Vienna center.

As I have a busy professional job, please contact me with as much notice as possible to arrange a meeting. I like to keep my inner circle of lovers to a minimum, as I believe in quality over quantity

Contact me before booking

Maybe you’re the kind of person looking for something more frequent, long term, or specific. I’m always excited to hear what you’re looking for, and I’m sure we can find an arrangement that suits your particular desires.

Price on Request

Do you have something special in mind? Maybe you’re a couple and would like me to join you both to make the night extra memorable or perhaps you want to try something new and experiment? I’m very open minded and love to try new things so if you have a special request please get in touch and I’m sure we’ll make your deepest desires come true!

Price on Request