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Lavishly Sensual


How Do I Book A Date With You?

Well, you’re best to RSVP here.
First impressions are always important, and it would be lovely if you could include a little about yourself and your expectations for our date in your message to me. I really do love a plan, and while I don’t expect a full itinerary, the more detail you give and the more thought out your note is the more excited to meet you I shall be.

Once we have both agreed to move forward with meeting each other (how wonderfully exciting!) I will require a non-refundable deposit* to secure your spot in my diary.

  • Introductory Flirtations ( 2-hours – 3 hours ): 50 euro deposit
  • Clandestine Meetings (3-hours – 6-hours): 25 % deposit
  • Illicit Adventures (12 -hours and 24 hours): 30 % deposit

The remainder of my consideration will be due at the beginning of our date in cash – please use a non-descript envelope or a gift bag if we are out and about. Longer dates can be fully paid via bank transfer, please ensure you have paid in advance of our meeting to ensure funds clear with plenty of time.

*In the highly unlikely instance that I myself have to cancel, your deposit will of course be returned to you within 48hours.

Which type of gentlemen do you meet?

I love meeting new and interesting people, a trait I feel a gentleman must have is the ability to respect a lady and treat her like a precious gem, this respect will be greatly rewarded with high levels of enthusiasm!

What type of dates do you prefer?

I prefer longer dates such as dinner dates, overnights or weekends away, this is because
I feel you get to know and create a stronger bond with each other. I will always prioritise these dates.

What information do you need for our date?

  • Full Legal name
  • Name of hotel
  • Booking confirmation number, which you would receive after booking the hotel room.
  • A contact number
  • Length of encounter
  • Room number when known

What happens to my deposit if I cancel?

I understand we all have busy lives and sometimes things just don’t go to plan. If you cancel our date with 48 hours before the date, the deposit will be kept and used to rearrange for a second attempt. If this happens a second time, the deposit will not be returned and I will not take another booking without receiving the full rate in advance

  • If the booking is canceled in less than 24 hours 50% of the booking fee should be compensated for if you wish to arrange another date.
  • In the rare event that I will have to cancel, I will refund you the total deposit amount and if possible rearrange a more suitable time.

Where would you like our date to be?

I am happy to meet you at your 5* hotel in place Slovakia – Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Prague and other city …  prefer hotel . apartment… 

Do you offer incalls?

No, I do not.

Do You Have Any Friends You Can Bring?

Yes, I have my girl – friends.

Alternatively, you can give me some pointers on your preferences and I’ll do the rest…

*Please note that duo bookings are subject to both providers rates/deposit requirements

Will You Send Me A Picture Of Your Face?

I send you uncensored pictures/images of my face only via email or WHATS APP later… Contact me with your query.

What would you like to drink?

Diet coke and sparkling water are the perfect refreshments for me. I don’t tend to drink alcohol on dates shorter than an overnight. On longer dates, my night cap is good dessert wine, martiny, aperol .

Would you ever consider unprotected sex?

 No way

Are you real?


Is it really you in the photographs?

100% yes

Do you provide nude photos?

I do not provide nude photos 100 % NO!

Please be a gentleman and don’t ask me for any nude/nude or semi-nude photos because I don’t have and don’t need them. Such a request will not be answered. The internet is full of such images. So… be so kind and don’t bother me with that!

Could you send me a selfie? or - Can I see your face?

Due to my safety reason I am relied upon to keep my face a pretty little secret however, I can share some pictures displaying my face

Can you wear the same lingerie/dress/shoes as on pics?

When I’m traveling I don’t take ALL my huge wardrobe with me but I always have something nice that could suit your taste.

Can we meet on a date to see if we’re compatible?

Absolutely! Coffee, a drink, eating out – my usual appreciation will apply. If you want affection for free I’d suggest you any dating website where you can get to meet absolutely free. Good luck with that 😉

What are your interests?

Finance, business & hiking. I love making money and walking in the great outdoors.

Where do you love to holiday?

Venice, Paris, Vienna are some personal favs. I also adore Greece.

What hours are you available?

I meet in the daytime and evenings, but I do need notice for any date. You won’t be able to order me in with a few hours notice.

Do you play with any other escorts?

Yes of course, I have a girlfriends.

Do you meet with MF couples?

Yes,that is no problem, just send me pictures of your friend (girl).

Can I tell you how to dress for our date?

I’d much rather you didn’t. But the good news is, I won’t tell you how to dress either. Specific lingerie requests from my photos are very welcome 🙂

Do you travel internationally?

Yes, and I’have my passport ready.

Do you offer overnights?


Do you provide a GFE?


Good things come to those who make them happen…